Happy hump day!

Tomorrow I fly out to Northern Ireland to meet my boyfriend's family for the first time... absolutely terrified! I am very excited but eeeeeeeeek this is a big step! So because I was being a numptie fretting about everything my friend took me out for pizza and churro's last night. It was so good to see him as it's been the first time we've hung out in months so a proper catch up was needed.

We first went to Paesano, which is THE best pizzeria in Glasgow, Scotland and indeed the UK. Jus sayin'. I ordered the number 2 (LOL) which is the sourdough pizza base (which only takes 90 seconds to cook apparently...) with mozzarella and friarelli and it was SCRUMPTIOUS!!!!!


And if that wasn't enough we then went for churros which is my new favourite dessert. This one was dipped in belgian chocolate sauce then crushed oreos then was popped in a tub with belgian chocolate gelato. I was like 1 degree outside but gelato waits for no one! Absolutely delicious! Anyone coming to Glasgow has to try these places. I'll go with you!


Yes... i ate the whole lot and I ain't even sorry 😂🙈

F x