I bought this as a present for a friend but I also bought one for myself because I really liked the idea of this. So it is basically what it says, a map that you scratch off when you've been to a country. This is a really good gift idea for someone who wants to do lots of travelling.

It is so simple to use as you can just use the coin that comes with the map to scratch of the gold or you can use a normal coin. As the countries are different colours it will look really nice once more countries are scratched off. I've only been abroad to France so I can't scratch much off.

This map would look really nice in a simple black frame on the wall, which is what I plan to do once I've found a nice frame. One problem is that if you use glass with the frame you'd have to take the map off the wall every time you wanted to scratch off a new country. If you didn't use the glass though the map may fall out, depending o the type of frame you use though.So keep that in mind.

I really like this map and I would definitely recommend When I bought this map it was on sale for £14.36 which is 20% off the original price of £17.95

You can get this scratch the world map HERE.

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