Hi guys! I'm re-letting my room at The Railyard for a new person to take my place here as I am no longer planning to continue living at this accommodation.
The Railyard is a new build Accommodation v modern, next door to Cambridge train station and a 10 min walk from Anglia Ruskin Univeristy, a 15/20min walk to the city centre of Cambridge. Lovely lovely 5 other people to live with all ARU first years. Own bedroom and bathroom with a large shared kitchen and living space (TV and sofas). I can provide photos for those interested!
If you know you ANYONE who may be remotely interested and/or is looking for somewhere to live at the end of December/in the New Year PLEASE PLEASE let me know! My email is mailto:graycedurden99@yahoo.co.uk please get in contact with me for details and discussion.
Thanks for taking the time to read this, I'm desperate for a new tenant to take my place so please pass on to others!