The best Xbox One Black Friday deals 2017

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Out of all the upcoming Black Friday 2017 madness, it's a safe bet that the Xbox One S will be one of the most heavily discounted consoles you're likely to see this year, likely bundled with games as well as seeing discounts to the console on its own. If you're after a bargain on an Xbox One console or Xbox One games, read on as we take a look at the best Xbox One Black Friday deals for this year.

The significant discounts that we'll see on the Xbox One S console are owed largely to the November 7th release of the Xbox One X, though we may get lucky and see a bundle or two for that system as well. On top of the consoles themselves, we'll be seeing some big discounts on a huge amount of Xbox One games, both first-party and third as Microsoft is keen to get people playing its ever-increasing back catalogue.

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