Day Forty Six

The all consuming void of assessments sucked me in. I’m sorry.

So, I’m a very fresh 18 year old just out of high school. A-levels were tough and my 4000 word history coursework drained me. But I had a year. A year to cite sources and read and still it was still hard. I had two weeks to write 1000 words on biopunk, which is fair enough. Then I had five days to write a 2000 word essay, fully researched, compared to a year. I feel like that encompasses the step-up to uni and I’m very much beginning to respect the student ethos. Never before have I felt such unbearable pressure to stay up late and write about affective disposition theories. It’s rough buddy.

Aside from that stress, we may have to pay to replace dear old Henry (who wasn’t actually a Henry hoover put some knock-off anyway), but my flatmates are up in arms about it. I’m having to find a place to live and people to live with. We had an awkward house meeting where I told them I didn’t want to live with them next year (in the nicest way!) but we were put together and this time I can choose! I can tell it could be so awesome if I live with some good mates, problem is that I haven’t found them yet…


Tried out Trampolining which was good and we did the basics but I could tell I’d progress easily. Problem is I have to pay membership now and I’m not sure I’d commit. I haven’t actually committed to anything besides horse riding, despite the amount of societies I’ve tried out. Lets just say I have commitment issues.

Not really sure what else I’ve done as its all a blur of essay writing. I cooked a successful sausage and mash and I’m very proud. My cooking skills have definitely improved and I’m trying to stay healthy but I mainly eat rice and pasta. Vegetables are just so hard to include! Especially green ones. Also I’ve eaten WAY too much biscuits and chocolate just to get me through.

I did go out to celebrate my last essay submission and got drunk enough to text my friend: ‘what am I, who am I’. So….

It’s going okay.