SpOoKy DiSapPeRiAnCe oF pHoNe

So I did actually have a pretty eventful Halloween.

On the Saturday of Halloween weekend we were going to go to this big second year house party. Now I was told it was in some big house with a barn and I was excited but worried because it sounds like a lot of people in the middle of nowhere. So we all get dressed up as zombies and I wear a dress I wouldn’t usually and thought maybe today is the day I grow feminine confidence.

Nope, nada, didn’t happen. Just spent the whole time awkward and self conscious. Anyway as we were getting make-up done to look dead, I got looked out of my room and so had to get a temporary key dressed up as a zombie. And then we leave in a taxi and it’s all fine, but I end up paying cos no-one had the right cash. When we get there it’s not a warehouse or anything cool, it’s just a house.

Lots of music and people and very boring. I stay for an hour and then me and another girl decide to leave and call a taxi even though we were close enough to walk anyway. We call and wait a while, and I kept glancing at the taxi driver sat there idling. It was only when he called me over that I clocked that he was out driver and he’d been calling me for about 10 mins and my phone was on silent. Go me.

We get in, it’s uneventful. We get out. Taxi drives off. I look in my bag. No phone. My friend has already ran back to the flat, I scan the ground furiously for my phone and then go back, spend an hour trying to phone the taxi company. Housemate had to lend me a hoodie. Taxi man finds it, hooray and I pay for him to come back and I am thus reunited with my phone and all my credit cards.

I can finally go to bed now right? WRONG. The room card I had taken with me had been deactivated so I had to travel to go and get my card reinstated. THEN I went to bed.

So it was a stressful evening and I got to bed at about 1am. Apparently the police had come to shut the house party down an hour after we left.

It was an experience! Not a good one…but an experience,

Never again.