First, realize you're always waiting.

Something I've read today, and attached on here, made me think of something I struggle with as a student. Moreover, I didn't even realize I was struggling at all.

Being in uni, I've become very familiar with the concept of waiting until I'm due. Work, toil, hustle, do whatever it is I need to do and give time the chance to help me realize my goals. In the last few years, those goals have become more and more specific. At the very same time, the estimate of how long it would take to get there felt like it was slightly vaguer.

It's maddening every now and then, thinking about the future, everything that's supposed to happen, and just how quickly it should arrive. There's a breathlessness that it brings, one I imagine is similar to waiting on something colossal and giant to crush you. But, as with many things I might go through, it's all in my head.

I've spoken to a few other students about this feeling and how they deal with it. One thing I've picked up on is limiting things to a single day at a time. just didn't feel like enough to stop there. After all, days start to blend together thanks to the comforting monotony of routine.

Yet...there's a way to make each and every day a possibility. My favorite way to do so? Not taking opportunities lightly. Whether I let something go or I take it on, I don't ignore opportunities for growth (or, at least, I ignore them less these days).

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