What's going on this Sunday?

Hey guys! I'm having a bit of a weird day today. A lot of strange things have been going on and it's leaving me quite confused hahaha!
So firstly, I got to work at the same time I usually get to work and the doors were still locked, even though we open at 10, I started at 10, and it was 10!? I finally got let in at 10:10am and my manager said "oh no, we open at 11am today". What?! Why...? So there's me, 50 mins early for work and confused. It's only now that i've realised it might have something to do with Remembrance Sunday???
Next, i'm serving customers. A nice lady comes to me and as I'm about to ask her what she wants, she says "I'm really sorry, I know this is odd but can I take a picture of your eye please?". I was sooo confused haha. She apparently liked my eye makeup and eye liner and said she'd like to use me as an example when she tries to do her makeup for her date tonight...Weird right? πŸ˜‚
Also, a woman came to me and asked if we sell cat heaters...so I asked if she just meant like a convector heater or a fan heater to put in the corner of her room to keep the room (and the cat) warm, to which she responded "no, a heater, in the shape of a cat". WHAT?! Where sells those really? Hahahaha.
So yeah, I wonder if anything else weird happens to me today.
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