BuzzFeed was a "definition of extreme leftism"???

BuzzFeed claims to represent the diverse population it is shown too, and always positively. However, last year, BuzzFeed's YouTube channel lost many subscribers due to it being OVERLY representative. 
In 2016, Miss Gomez, Author at Ministry of Magic said: "I used to really like BuzzFeed, but recently they've started posting a lot videos that are against men, white people, straight people and cis people. BuzzFeed has become the definition of extreme leftism. BuzzFeed’s favourite ‘'oppressed’ group is the black community. The underlying issue of every video of their’s is about the after effects of slavery. I'm sorry but black people living today have nothing to do with slavery. They have every right to do whatever they want." 
A lot of viewers have supported this statement by agreeing that BuzzFeed sees members of the minority ethnic groups as overly marginalised, despite how awesome and accepting the majority of our society has become. 
However it's not just a matter of race, it's a matter of sexuality too. Members of the LGBTQ community have become to dislike BuzzFeed due to certain comments made by gay men in their videos, which are "stereotypical" about homosexual people and actually insensitive towards straight people. 
However, BuzzFeed claimed they will always support all groups of people. Since their downfall in 2016, BuzzFeed has focused less on making everyone happy and more on making everyone feel entertained. The company still attempts to be representative of the population - no matter the race, gender or sexuality of a person. BuzzFeed, and in particular the BuzzFeed actors who feature in their YouTube videos, never fail to speak their minds, and that is something that a lot of viewers found difficult to accept last year.