Brunch at Christopher's 

Yesterday me & my cousin went to Covent Gardens to her favourite spot for brunch. We both ordered steak and eggs with a side of fries. The steak was so juicy & tender, eggs were yolky (just the way I like them!) and I chose to go for the parmesan truffle fries, which were so yummy!

Side note: Christopher's is also one of the only places that I've found so far that serves Halal Wagyu beef!


After we scoffed that down, then came part two of our brunch. We shared milk chocolate brioche French toast with vanilla ice cream, which was absolutely divine! The French toast had a hint of cinnamon which really worked well with the flavours of the milk chocolate and vanilla ice cream. 59374Look at that oozy chocolatey goodness!


We both thoroughly enjoyed our food and the customer service was lovely, I would definitely recommend visiting Christopher's :)

I love indulging in a wholesome & hearty meal first thing in the day but after scoffing it down it just makes me want to curl up into my bed & take a nap

Other times I want something quick & light if I have a busy day ahead of me

How do you guys like your first meal when starting the day?