8 You'll Recognize if You're a Broke Uni Student

Being a broke university student means that you sometimes have to sacrifice a lot for your education. That typically means making your limited grocery fund stretch enough to fill your stomach. Sometimes the food you eat is simple, bland or a little nauseating, but at least it gets the job done and it doesn't break the bank. Here are 8 foods that we're all too familiar with.


Any food left in the fridge for more than a day is fair game. Week-old pizza? A tinfoil-wrapped burrito? Unidentifiable casserole? All worthwhile dinner options.


 Your Roommate’s Food

Look, sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. It's not your fault that you ate their Chinese takeout when you were hungover.




(Pro tip: If you're crying over your student debt, use your tears as a pasta sauce substitute.)

Peanut butter


Peanut butter is the poor man's Nutella. You can spread it on anything and feel like you have your life together because it has protein and is, therefore, "healthy."

Frozen meals


Granola bars


Need a snack? Eat a granola bar. Quick breakfast? Granola bar. Wanna get an endless amount of crumbs in your bed? Granola bar.



Pizza is the go-to cheap food for any student. Whether it's frozen, leftover, ordered in or something resembling a pizza slice in the canteen, it's a Uni staple for a reason.



Oats cost next to nothing, which means it's all I eat every morning.

What food's do you eat when your broke?