So, here we are over a month into Second Year at University. I have been extremely busy with assignments hence the lack of posts. The work load increases drastically as you make that transition from First to Second Year. I am trying to take each day as it comes without panicking. Naturally, there will be times where you fall behind but there will always be the opportunity to catch up… so don’t worry if you find yourself in this position!

Personally, I find living in a house ten times better than halls. The comfort of having multiple rooms to explore rather than being confined to the bedroom or the kitchen is a lot better. I’ve also decided to improve my diet and fortunately I’m living with a house-mate that can cook a variety of meals which has helped me vastly. My diet last year largely consisted of super noodles, pizza and chips… yes, I agree not the healthiest option.

At this stage of the year Christmas is looming and it was at this point last year that I started to miss home. Of course, it can be hard being away from home especially when you’re not used to it. My best advice would be to embrace all aspects of university so that when you return home you can reflect on everything you’ve done!

Thank you for reading,