Just a catch up for anyone interested:

I don't want to bore anyone with this lengthy post, so I don't mind if you scan read ;)...

Evening guys. I hope you all had a fab start to the week!

While I'm sat here on my laptop (procrastinating), I thought I'd catch up with you and let you know what's been going on in my life, why I stopped using Campus for a while and how I am doing now.

If you guys have followed this blogging channel for a while, you might of read some of my more depressing posts (which have now been deleted by me), about my struggle starting Uni. To tell the truth, I felt a little pathetic. I always thought to myself, Olivia there are people in worse situations, cheer up. But I just couldn't. I wasn't in the best mind set.

So to sum up, I was very ill. I had a reoccurrence of a virus which I had over two years ago and was hospitalised with it. It makes you feel very lethargic, lazy, tired, like you don't really wanna get out of bed! I cant lie, it wasn't half as bad as it was 2 years ago, and I knew I would soon get better. However, to make me feel even better, my boyfriend and I were having serious problems. I felt I was second best, as he would go out every night during Freshers with his new friends, while I lay in bed ill. I have come to realise that really, I was jealous. He got the chance to do what I wanted to do myself. I took it out on him a lot, and would get jealous and paranoid often too. However, being in a better mind set now, we have sorted it all out and we are doing really well again. I also had a hard time fitting in with my flat mates. I felt as though they were completely different people compared to me. But that's natural... as the days went by, I realised that being thrown into a flat packed with random people you don't know, is actually a lot more challenging than I thought it would be. I guess it wasn't what I was expecting, so it came as a shock to me that I wasn't buddying up with everyone straight away. Now however, my flat mates and I get along well, we never argue about the kitchen, the shared bathrooms etc, we are all different people yes, but we make a good team!

I felt incredibly lonely, with my old friends moving to universities very far away, not having my boyfriend there as often, and not being pally with my flat mates. Yet, I didn't think about all of the other people in my life... my family and also a lot of people here on Campus. I always had someone to talk to, even if I thought I didn't.

I just wanna say how happy I have been recently, compared to how unhappy I was at the beginning of university. I've got back into the swing of things, especially regarding me being an Ambassador for Campus Society. I've been as active as I can over the past few weeks and I am over the moon to see my GPA rising each day again! It was sad seeing it drop, but now THE ONLY WAY IS UP!!

I am so thankful for everyone who reads this and everyone who has supported me. Campus Society has been so good to me and I am so very glad I came back.

Love Olivia x