A guide to student housing in Newcastle


It's that time of year when everyone is racing around trying to get their second-year house locked down. That girl from your course said that everyone is living in Jesmond next year, so you HAVE to live there too, right? Well, don't decide too fast - there are plenty of good options around.


I'll start with the obvious one. If you go to uni in Newcastle, you will have definitely heard of Jesmond. It is a student-central area with plenty of bars along Jesmond Road, such as Bar Blanc and Spy Bar. There are a local Waitrose and Tesco Express for all your shopping needs, and houses can be rented from £85pw to £110pw (not including bills). It's a 15 - 20-minute walk away from both Newcastle and Northumbria unis depending on where you live, but there are the handy Jesmond and West Jesmond Metro stations nearby, too.


Sandyford is right next to the Northumbria Uni campus and the Marjorie Robinson Library (Newcastle Uni), as both are a five-minute walk away. There's a Tesco Express conveniently nearby and a Morrisons just along Byker Bridge; rent prices range from £61pw to £95pw, so there's a mixed bunch there, but the proximity to Northumbria Uni makes these houses worth the grime.


If you don't mind catching a bus into uni, you could always live in Heaton, but if you're not keen on public transport, it's around a 30-minute walk. However, house prices range from £49pw (!) to £80pw so if you're looking to cut back on rent costs then Heaton is the area for you. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants around, and a Morrisons nearby, too. There's a hairdresser nearby (if you can afford such a luxury) and a ton of takeaways - you'll be spoilt for choice!

City Centre

While this might not be for everyone, there are places in the city centre which rent out to students. The prices here really vary with the lowest being about £74pw and the highest £124pw. There are the obvious perks of living in the city centre such as the accessibility of all shops, as well as a very short walk to both uni campuses (five-minutes, max!). Plus, you wouldn't ever need to get a taxi into town!

Finding a decent house for second-year is like finding a needle in a haystack - either you manage to find the perfect one for a good price, or you just go for whatever is cheapest / inhabitable. No matter where you live I'm sure you'll have a blast - you're in Newcastle at the end of the day!

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