Fruity is the worst night in Leeds


A controversial opinion, I know. Fruity is seen as the Leeds student's bread and butter. But no, I do not mean it's the 'best'. I mean it's the worst.

It's sweaty, it's riddled with PDA, and it's got shit music. Why anyone in Leeds, a city with nightlife for literally any taste, would choose to go here, over all the other options, baffles me.

I get that it's meant to be gimmicky with an 'it's-so-shit-it's-good' kind of vibe, but I don't get it. Where's the fun in having some sweaty Freshers get it on behind you while S Club 7 blares in the background? Have we gone back to a year 6 disco?

One thing I don't understand is why it is always, without fail, RAMMED. It always sells out before Friday, and there's always a mile-long queue of people begging for tickets at the door from about 9 pm. The result of this mayhem? You can't even dance. Freshers will bash into you all night long, and you will definitely bump into all of your exes and anyone else you were hoping to avoid. It's not so much a place to go dancing as much as a place to go and get ridiculously hot and effectively beaten up by the whole of the student body.

It's cheap entry, yes, but by the time you've had ten VKs to forget how awful it is and bought some cheesy chips from Flames to compensate for your shit night, your grand total for Friday night sky-rockets. Doesn't it make people feel ill to think that they could have gone to Flux, Mixtape, Cirque - literally anywhere else - with the money they've just wantonly wasted at FRUITY?

It's a staple of Leeds student life; I get it. Like Crispy's, Red Stripe, and narcotics, Fruity is here to stay. But please... can we turn the enthusiasm down a notch?

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