How to get your Christmas on in your Edinburgh flat!


It is that time of the year when the premature Christmas decorations are going up, and any trips to the shops are filled with Michael Bublé playing on a sketchy shop tannoy. So, it’s time you start thinking about how to 'Christmas-Up' your flat here in Edinburgh to get you through the December exam season.

Step One: The Decorations

So, let's start with the basics. You’re a student so are obviously working on a budget, but you also have excellent resourcefulness. The best place for you is the Edinburgh Bargain Store which can only be described as the nearest a hardware store has ever been to Willy Wonka's Factory. Browse the seemingly never-ending, garish yet charming array of Christmas decorations. If you feel extra festive, then splash out on some fairy lights too, or grab a Festive Toilet Seat cover. But if you consider yourself artsy get some old copies of 'The Student' to make paper chains and collect ivy, holly and twigs from Holyrood Park to create a more natural affair.

Step Two: Secret Santa

At university the joy a small gift can bring someone is priceless, and what better way to do that then through Secret Santa? Aim for a gift in the price range between £5 and £10 but make sure you agree as a group beforehand if the gifts are comedic or serious to avoid any tensions. If your group of friends has the customary tensions/awkward ex-partners/difficult people, then make sure the draw doesn’t put anyone difficult together.

Step Three: The Christmas Dinner

So, your flat looks ready, and the presents are sorted. But how better to gather your friends than with a Christmas Dinner? As students, you aren’t obliged to make a huge meal, so some festive nachos (put sprouts and carrots fried in paprika into the mix) and maybe some homemade choco-cornflake cakes with icing sugar ‘snow’ covering. If your friends are willing, ask them to give you a few quid as you are about to make a huge feast using every pan in the house.

Step Four: Partaaaaaaaaaay

Your lights are dazzling everyone, your flatmate has bought you a pair of rude socks, and you are stuffed with festive treats... now you are ready to hit the town. At Christmas, in Edinburgh, the clubs are open until 5 am and have plenty of festive cheer to keep you going all night. Before you hit the clubs, you may want to stop by the Christmas Market for some mulled wine and a classic Instagram picture.

So enjoy your Edinburgh Christmas and try not to freeze out there in the cruel winds of Auld Reekie!

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