~High school~

It's been a while since my last posts but here is a little update of my life and also some stories that I want to share with you.

Since I am in my last year here, teachers ( the majority of them) told us that we can work for our exams during their classes. Basically we are not doing anything else than working for thie 3 subjects that we have. Actually I have left just 3 because at the rest of them I have other certificates so I no longer need to take the exam. So everything is nice.

~Party in the class~

Yes, we also need time to relax so last week, Friday, we organized a little party in our class during the school time with food and music and all that stuff. I can say it was a little bit crazy to do this, but why not?

~Teachers talks~

I must addmit we (me and actually my classmates ) didn't have a close relationship with our teachers but everything has changed now and they really do their best to help us.

In the picture is one of my classmate and our French teacher.