The surreal underground rave scene in Birmingham: A diverse and chaotic world of celebration and sin


Being England's second largest city, it will come as no surprise that the nightlife in Birmingham is a diverse and chaotic world of celebration and sin, no matter where you go. Most students head out to the central clubs such as Snobs or Propaganda, or if you're too old to be clubbing, maybe Broad Street? Or perhaps if you're a rocker you'll head over to Uprawr, but there's a place for the ravers too, and it offers a vast array of bizarre spectacles in the most sketchy venues possible: welcome to Digbeth, Birmingham's rave world.

The first place you'll hear about in Digbeth is a place formerly known as Rainbow, which has now blown up in popularity and expanded into Rainbow Venues. From voodoo lounges to vintage dining clubs, abandoned hangers and warehouses, you will find some of the best rave nights of your life. Digbeth is not just full of heavy jump-up/DNB - there's a place for everyone. LAB11 offers many psychedelic-themed nights as people can find themselves in a bizarre world of diffraction glasses and acid techno, what's not to love?

There's plenty to explore in Digbeth, although if you're heading there make sure you plan your journey there and back (I'd recommend Uber). While Digbeth boasts some of the best nights out around, it's a notoriously rough area where violent crime can break out. From what I have seen, these crimes are rarely random; they are usually a result of personal disputes or gang activity, but even so, take caution when travelling through the area. I've had many amazing nights out in Digbeth, and only once did my friends and I have to escape an assault in the form of a drive-by egging.

So, all-in-all, if you're looking for a night out of extremes, Birmingham's rave scene is something to check out. Just don't go alone.

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