Happy Tuesday, everyone!

I am back from an eventful weekend in Ireland meeting the boyfriend's family! They are a crazy bunch, but were so welcoming. They treated me so well and had an absolute blast.

I, however, ate SOOOOOO much.... like seriously.

  1. First night 3 course dinner (I've got ZERO photos of any food on my trip because I didn't want to look like a weirdo taking photos of everything 😂). And this was after a donut... we took over a dozen Krispy kreme as they don't have one in Northern Ireland!
  2. Second day was sweets galore with irish soda farls, donuts, and pizza amongst other things.
  3. Third day got weird as the boyfriend developed horrid toothache and had to go to dentist then was doped up on drugs, but again had another 3 course dinner in the evening along with many cocktails.... i'm starting to struggle at this point 🤣.
  4. Fourth day was Sunday and he was in bed all day as stupidly drank alcohol while on painkillers and antibiotics so he was plastered lolol so of course I stayed with him... BUT more soda farls and a sunday roast then MORE PIZZA but with curly fries this time...
  5. Fifth day.. couldn't look food in the face hahaha which is not like me! Honestly couldn't eat a thing.

So life's tip... when on holiday and you're stuffed... JUST SAY NO to more food. You won't regret it ;) Safe to say i'll be hitting the gym hard over the next few weeks so a new fitbit is something i could definitely do with!


But here's a photo of us enjoying our mini break home :)


F x