Running and cycling routes in Cardiff


The idea of heading to the gym can be a discouraging one. Lots of girls wearing Ivy Park and looking like they don’t need to be there and men with that same haircut that looks like someone’s dropped something on their heads, all pumping iron and talking about some form of protein. If that’s not for you, but you still want to retain some kind of physique, then getting outdoors and exercising is a fab way to see the city, retain your fitness and get that fresh air your mum’s been nagging you about. In Cardiff, there are some beautiful places to do just that.

Bute Park

Right outside Taly North and therefore perfect for Freshers is a huge expanse of green. You can walk there and get a workout in on the field, with plenty of tree coverage if you don’t want an audience. There’s also a great 5k run around the river. Start at the bridge nearest the Taly entrance, by Tesco, cross it and run all the way to the bridge with a view of the Stadium. Cross that and then run up and into the woods. Stay on that path, and you’ll find yourself back at the first bridge. It’s a simple run with charming and lovely scenery.

Roath Park

Roath is found at the far end of Cathays, just up Fairoak road. It’s got some stunning views, and the lake is beautiful. You can run all the way around the lake, and through the pleasure gardens if you want a slightly longer route. On weekends, it’s usually quite busy with families, but other than that it’s quiet. You may have to watch out for the birds. They fear nothing and your run may include a standoff with a goose - but that makes it more fun!

The Taff Trail

This is technically in Bute, but it’s perfect for a proper workout. If you walk into Bute at the entrance down by Hoffi Coffi, then you can start running through the park, and you’ll find exercise equipment the whole way around. It’s basically an outdoor gym and is never overly crowded. You can also get the whole way around the city on this trail, which is nice if you like to explore!

The Bay

You can hire bikes in the actual bay or bring yours on the train, and then cycle the whole way down the peninsula towards Penarth. You get some lovely views, you’ll pass the Tardis, and you can always have a wander around Penarth afterwards if you feel like it. The route is right by the sea and a good distance.

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