Becoming an Ambassador

Hey all! Hope your Tuesday is treating you kindly. I just finished a 3-hour shift at Card Factory, you're probably wondering (or not) if my notice was acknowledged. Well, I think they'll be changing the rotas as my name is still on 2 of them but as I have stated that I want to finish next Saturday, I do hope that they will let me work my notice. Otherwise, it puts me in a sticky position. Anyhoo, onto my main topic today: Being an Ambassador

Ambassador job application

Sooo I recently applied via my university job site to becoming an Outreach Ambassador and although it was only open to 1st and 2nd years, I applied anyway as why not? I received an email last week, informing that I had been given a choice of interview dates and to be prepared for questions and to be able to present in front of a group. So I had my interview today, and it was pretty fun. I got to know my peers and the recruiters who were lovely. I had to present about choosing accommodation and what to consider when you do. I was able to present fully with some facts from when I moved into my first accommodation in 2015. I really enjoyed it. They also did give us some answers to our questions about what the scheme involves etc. And the pay is fab too; £8.47 I believe!

Getting the job

So after a few hours, they emailed me back and told me I got it! I am indeed chuffed and excited to be part of a fun and exciting team, all young people focused and engaging. Soooo, I've joined the Facebook group too so I can get to know everyone and see what events I can participate in.

Job entailment

So there will be many events taking place in Medway and Kent, particularly at schools which will be fun. The main purpose is to work both on campus and in schools, to raise aspirations and attainment of students. I will be working with children from ages 10-18+, encouraging involvement and answering any questions they may have. I, of course, do enjoy speaking and presenting so this shouldn't be too hard! You should have seen me a few years ago, I was a right shy thing! It'll be very interactive and I can't wait to begin, they will be communicating with me via email so when an event comes up, I will see if I'm available to do it. It'll look so good on my CV and as it's my final year of university, it'll keep me very busy and I'll be able to meet loads more awesome people.

Sooo I do encourage you lovely lot to apply for an ambassador role as it's super cool and pays well too! Give it a go, you'll love it, I assure you.

Have a good rest of the week!

Krazy K xo