Bristol's open spaces you need to explore


When I moved from a small countryside village to the bustling city of Bristol last year, it was so exciting. Everything - and more - was within walking distance and there was so much on offer. However, during my first year, I often craved the peace and quiet of the countryside; somewhere undisturbed to be alone with my thoughts. Fortunately, Bristol is a city which caters to everyone’s needs, and there's plenty of tranquil green spaces to be found. Even if the countryside is not your thing, or you are lucky enough to live in Goldney or Churchill accommodations with their impressive gardens, exploring Bristol is a great way to get to know your home for the next three years.

University Royal Fort Gardens

Slap-bang in the centre of the uni, the Royal Fort Gardens are a great place to start your outdoor adventures. Surrounding the Royal Fort House, the gardens boast a collection of flowers and fauna as well as the uni's centenary sculpture. Often used as a shortcut between Woodland road and the Chemistry buildings, why not escape the confines of the library and enjoy studying or having your lunch here?

Brandon Hill

For a less student-filled area, Brandon Hill is a formal garden, nature reserve and the oldest park in Bristol, and an ideal place to escape the hustle of the nearby city centre. At its summit is the beautiful (and free) Cabot Tower, and after a painful – but rewarding - climb up the stone staircase, you can enjoy the beautiful 360 views of the city.

The Harbourside

Further down the hill, you will reach the Harbour-side. Although not strictly a ‘green-space', the Harbour-side is a must-visit area for any Bristol student (not including visiting the Wetherspoons or Pryzm). Although alive with markets, restaurants, and sporting activities, the harbour-side provides a relaxing and visually pleasing walk, especially in the evening and during the Christmas period.

The Clifton and Durdham Downs

Students mainly use this large park as a running track, football pitch, and in the summer, a place for copious barbeques. I'd definitely recommend taking a leisurely stroll around it. Breadcrumbs may be useful as there are 440 acres available to discover (with very similar looking paths), but hey, is it really an adventure if you don’t get lost?

Leigh Woods

The Clifton Suspension Bridge is a thing of a beauty and fame in-itself (and a staple for every freshers’ Instagram), but cross the bridge and explore Leigh Woods - a place so peaceful that you'll forget you're in a city. The woods boast a collection of incredible foot and cycle paths, and it's a great place to explore with your flatmates. The main attraction, however, is the stunning views of the Avon Gorge and the surrounding city.

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