5 things you’ll discover when you move to Bristol


Bristol is the largest city in the South West of England and is constantly expanding and changing. With its large size and history, Bristol easily becomes a memorable city for any student studying within it.

1. The nightlife is casual

When I first packed for uni, I brought almost every pair of shoes I owned, including several pairs of heels. Little did I know that the Bristol club scene is just not about that dressed up life. In fact, I have never worn my heels on a night out. It’s great for a minimal effort night out – you could literally leave uni and rock up at a club and get in. With less time getting ready, you have more time to get pre-drinking – just because they’ve lowered the dress code, doesn’t mean they’ve lowered the prices.

2. The Art Wall, Stokes Croft

With Bristol being the birthplace of the famous street artist Banksy, it’s unsurprising to find that incredible street art is a huge feature within Bristol. You can find street art all over Bristol, but it’s particularly noticeable within Stokes Croft, which is beginning to become known as an outdoor gallery, displaying pieces of street art on many of the walls. It’s well worth a walk down to explore down the little alleyways, and see some of the great art Bristol has to offer.

3. Cabot Circus becomes a go-to location

You’ll soon find that being a student in Bristol seems to send you to Cabot Circus frequently. It’s easy to see how this happens when it has so much all in one place. You need a new pair of shoes because they got trampled all over on a night out? Go to Cabot. You desperately need someone to look at your phone because you dropped it down the toilet on a night out? Go to Cabot. You’re dying for food but need to use your student discount for it to feel it’s acceptable? Go to Cabot. It’s there for all your needs and required services, so take full advantage because it’s incredibly useful; and with all those stores in one place, you might just find yourself a job there, too.

4. Bristol’s Hot Air Balloon Festival

Every August, over 130 hot air balloons meet in one place over four days in Bristol, and it’s a sight that can be witnessed all over the city. The event is huge (and free) every year, so it’s well worth a visit because you won’t find a festival like this anywhere else. The festival includes many mass hot air balloon lifts, arena entertainment, fireworks, and the hot air balloons light up in a display over the evening. They also have a huge selection of traders at the event, and you can even book yourself a ride in a hot air balloon if you’re feeling brave. It’s an exciting event that’s unique to Bristol and one which shouldn’t be missed.

5. Bristol is the perfect blend of urban and country

Bristol is a great city to live in as a student; it gives you the vibrant city life that city lovers cherish, while also being close enough to country life that it can offer you amazing events and scenery that you won’t find elsewhere. Bristol can easily become a comfortable but exciting uni home for any student from anywhere all over the world.

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