Is Boruto actually any good?

Earlier this year one of the most inspirational, legendary and generation defining anime came to an end and in it's replacement came something quite....meh. I'm talking about the sequel anime to the hit show/manga Naruto, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. A show about the adventure of Naruto & Sasuke's children and their companion Mitsuki.

So it's been on the air for a few months now and to be honest with you I'm actually not impressed with the show as much as I would've been. I haven't watched it for over 4 weeks now because it was mainly filler, as most anime fans know most filler is trash with only some filler arcs actually being good, but it too far between when it comes to Boruto. The current arc set in The Village Hidden In The Mist has been lacklustre and seems like a failed plot from the original series.

There's still potential in the series as in the first episode of Boruto we see an older Boruto fighting Kawaki in a destroyed Konohagakure as they argue about the end of the age of shinobi. Proof that there's still something the show has to tap into and show but when will it tap into it.

Do you think it's worth watching Boruto?