14 Weeks of 'Please kill me'

So my dissertation has begun. Good Lord finally!

It was supposed to start a month ago, but first there was a problem with my re-enrolment. Even though my ID expires in March 2018, I still had to re-enrol.

Then they said, the system says there is a financial glitch, even though I have paid my full fees ages ago!

Then they forgot to add my name in the list of students starting their dissertation for Masters. And on top of it, the administrator for the dissertations changed during summer, and is a Proff who has never taught me so he basically didn't even know i existed.

I kept emailing the previous admin, who has taught me 2 of my modules and knows me well. He never replied.

Eventually I got hold of the new admin and had to submit my proposal within 3 days of meeting him. Luckily, I had prepared it already since I was waiting with my topic ready. And now, finally I started my dissertation 10days ago. And I only have 14 weeks (instead of 16) to finish it.

It was all okay but my health kept deteriorating and I had a bad fever, had to take meds and slept like a horse, or was drowsy all day long.

Is this a death sentence! Or what!!

I m in need of some serious motivation!