My most commonly asked question

Them: What do you do at university?
Me: Linguistics
Them: Oh, what's lingusitics?
Me: It's hard to explain, but it's the scientific study of languages...
Them: Oh. Er...what do you wanna do with that?
These questions kinda annoy me. But then I understand that linguistics isn't really the most popular degree subject choice that people go for. So I see why people don't exactly know what it is.
When most people think of linguistics they think of lingo - languages. Which is partially correct. It's the deep and expert study of how language works, how humans communicate with it and how we all understand it. I know, sounds soooo fun right?
I've always been good at English Language and at A level, our teacher was actually a linguistic professor, so whenever we had english language classes, she would add in quite a lot of linguistic knowledge, and I loved that! I got good at investigating language, studying syntax (word structure), morphology (the breakdown of words) and phonology (sounds in speech).

But what can I do with that? Where will I start my career?

This is a difficult question for me. Because there's two paths I can follow. There's an easy route and a not so easy route.
The easy route is to continue developing my Spanish and do a year abroad in Spain. There, I can learn the ins and outs of teaching English to Spanish children. This is often referred to as TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). My university offers an official TESOL certificate so that at the end of my degree, I can go straight into teaching abroad.
The long and hard route however, is the route I REALLY want to take. Forensic linguistics. It involves analysing language for the court. I mean, I could be the one to decided whether or not a murderer is truly guilty. I've always been fascinated with crime and the law etc. Being a forensic linguist I can analyse ransom notes, suicide letters, text messages exchanged between criminal gangs, anything written down by people who need to be put down. To me it sounds like such an amazing job, a hard job which I need to be extremely strong for, but an amazing job.
The only thing is, it would take years to actually get there. I might have to do a masters degree if I have no entry to courts after my first 3 years.
So there you go, that's what I want to do! I hope one day I will be able to achieve my dreams, but we will see!
Olivia x