How to break-up with your significant other before Christmas


So, Christmas is coming, and the last thing you want to be doing is buying a present for someone you don’t really love. Or like. Or can even bear the thought of. If you want to break things off with your significant other before the festive period, but stuck on how to do it, here’s how.

Do it sooner rather than later

Breaking up with someone over the festive period is always going to be tough. But the closer it gets to Christmas, the tougher it gets. If you’re sure that you really want to break up with them, do it now. It’ll ease your guilty conscience, and it's better for them as being broken up with two days before Christmas probably isn’t the greatest feeling in the world. So bite the bullet and hurry up for both of your sake’s.

Drop hints

If you aren’t ready to break up with them right this minute, then make sure you’re not giving them the wrong signals. Don’t just carry on like nothing’s wrong. If you play along with talk of presents and seeing each other over Christmas, you’re leading them on. Act according to how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking. You don’t want your other half to buy you a super expensive non-returnable present if they’ve been made to think that everything’s okay.

Be honest

As with any break-up, be honest. A short while of suffering is nothing compared to years of your partner wondering where they went wrong because you never gave them a sufficient reason for ending things. Stay calm and talk things through with them face to face. You’ve shared memories with this person, and they’re no stranger, you should be able to say how you feel.

Don’t beat yourself up

Break-ups are hard for both parties. But it’s Christmas, so don’t be down – surround yourself with family and friends and keep yourself busy. Fuck it – buy yourself a present with the money you saved from not getting them one. Don’t be so hard on yourself and just pray to God they don’t crop up in one of your seminar groups next term.

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