Which club you should go to in Leeds based on your personality


Leeds has a club for everyone. Literally. Here’s where you should be going, based on your personality.

Mixtape @Hifi

For all you party animals out there. If you just want to sink Red Stripe after Red Stripe, have a boogie, all in the comfort of your pair of battered Nike Air Max – Hifi’s where you’re meant to be. Full of people who are just there for the feel-good music and the chance to groove, Hifi is a staple for your standard Leeds student. The standard Mixtape partier is probably like your best friend: easy going and a great time.

Donuts @The Faversham

Mixtape’s edgier cousin, Donuts, is another great place for those who just want to dance. It’s a little bit likelier to see ‘edgy’ Depop garms here, and a little bit likelier for the girl in the cubicle next to you to be banging ket, but essentially, Donuts is for people who either:

a. missed Mixtape

b. went to Mixtape but wanted more, or

c. are too cool for Mixtape.

Your Donuts-goer is a little high maintenance, a little nuts, but a great person all the same.

Flux @Beaver Works

You are the coolest of the cool. Your entire wardrobe is from charity shops – and in a good way. You’ve somehow managed to get a group of equally cool friends, and together you’re everything I aspire to be. You can pull off ALICE BANDS and not look 11 years old. If you’re at Beaver Works, you’re the type to be swaying to the music or else pulling off some funky dancing, bottle of water in hand, pinging off your tits but still oh-so-cool about it. If you’re a Beaver Works regular, I salute you and your effortless, funky aesthetic.

Cirque @Canal Mills

Baby’s first dab of MD. You wish you were like the cool folks of Beaver Works, but you’re just not. You’re falling over, taking all your friends with you, pissing off everyone around you. Your glitter isn’t the effortlessly edgy glitter found at Beaver Works – it’s somehow pretentious, try-hard. You’re probably really annoying and pester everyone in the smoking area for MD. So if you’re annoying, enjoy screaming, and think you’re too good for everyone, then head to Canal Mills.

Fruity @Stylus

You get messy when you go out. You can’t have a semi-sober boogie like those at Mixtape. Oh no. When you go out, you go out. VK after VK, shot after shot, you won’t stop until you fall down the stairs at Stylus. You’re still a lovable drunk though, belting out the words to S Club 7’s hits. If you’re a Fruity fan, you’re a simple person with simple tastes, but it means you’re a hell of a lot of fun to be around.

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