Boys DO cry: Raising awareness for men’s mental health this Movember


Movember is here, and it’s not just some funny month where men grow out their beards. Movember is all about men’s mental health. Men are often stereotyped as less emotional than women and somewhat stoic, but this just isn’t the case – men are just expected to bottle things up due to society’s expectations. I asked my coursemates when they last cried to show the truth behind it all.

Peter, 20

"I think it was this afternoon."

Ed, 19

"Yesterday? Or this morning. I was cutting onions, but then it turned into real crying."

Anonymous, 19

"Last month."

Anonymous, 20

"Three weeks ago when I was going through some relationship issues."

Matt, 19

"Yesterday – I cry basically every day."

Anonymous, 19

"Fresher's Week this year when I was missing home."

Michael, 20

"Last week, I think. I cry quite a bit. Probably once a week on average. It’s healthy!"

Men aren’t ‘emotionless’. They’re just made to seem less emotional. Women have always been made out to be the emotional, irrational, hysterical sex. But expressing emotions is a side effect of being human – not of being a woman. It’s ridiculous to ask men to repress a part of them which is essential to being human. This build-up of repressed emotions often comes out as anger – sometimes towards their loved ones, sometimes towards themselves. Neither should happen.

We need to make it acceptable for men to reach out and ask for help without the fear of being branded a ‘pussy’. The fact that three of the men interviewed for this article wanted to remain anonymous only confirms this. Mental health is a serious issue, and it’s nigh on impossible to recover on your own. 76% of all UK suicides are male, and this speaks volumes for itself. We need to be there for the men in our lives, make it okay for them to open up because that statistic alone demonstrates the crisis that is occurring in our society today.

This goes beyond the matter of men suffering in silence. Men are dying. We must end the stigma – boys do cry.

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