Update Galore

Hey people! I hope everyone's getting into the Christmas spirit, but I hope you're not all too busy.
So update in terms of uni - I'm getting pretty stressed. I've got my first few exams coming up and one of them, I just have no clue hahahaha. My lecturer is American and he's so funny but he gets so deep and into the course that we have no idea what he's going on about. It's going to be a hard test but I think everyone on my course is in the same boat and are hella confused! πŸ˜‚
Update in terms of work - I work at Argos. And just so you know, being a Customer Service Advisor at Argos is THE worst job ever at Christmas time. People buying christmas presents: TVs, Iphone X, Ipads, TOYS, god I hate Chad Valley, clothes, gift sets, jewellery, perfume. You name it, Argos sells it. And where I work, it's a small store, in a big town. It just gets ridiculous!
Updates in terms of my general life - So I discovered that my ex downloaded tinder and has already met up with a few girls off it. I dread to think what happened on those dates. But i've tried not to think about it. He's not worth my energy let alone my thinking time! ☺️ I've spent a lot of time with friends recently and it's been so beneficial. I actually rekindled with an old friend who my ex made me push away, i'm just glad they forgive me and want to start over. I'm getting happier each day!
I'm off home for the weekend now. We're getting our Christmas Tree tonight yay!!!! I can't wait hehe. Best part of Christmas. Ill be sure to upload pics.
Lots of love and happiness to you allllll,
Olivia 😁