🎉 The Nice List is here 🎉


Ho ho ho-la everyone! 

The Nicest giveaway this Christmas is finally here, and you can now nominate your friends.

We will be giving out one present every weekday until 15 December, starting from 4 December.

Just for a recap, here is how to enter (besides making sure to be Nice of course):

1. You nominate your friends

The first step on the Nice List, is, of course, to be Nice. You write a short reason why you think some of your student friends went above and beyond this year and deserve to be on your Nice List.


2. If they really are Nice, they’ll win one of our ten prizes

That’s right! If my good friend the spirit of Christmas deems them worthy, then they will be awarded a prize from our tantalising selection.


3. If they’re really really Nice they’ll put you on their list too

Niceness is all about sharing, and if your friends are really really Nice then it will come full circle, and you’ll be put on their Nice List too (isn't that wonderful?)


The Prizes

In no particular order, the prizes are:

An Amazon Echo Dot

A 32GB iPad

A Sonos One speaker

An ultra HD 43 inch LG television

A PlayStation 4 with FIFA

A Fujifilm Instax mini camera

A drone

A pair of Beats Solo 2

A Nespresso Coffee Machine

And a £200 ASOS voucher!

So there ya have it! Why don't you start nominating your friends now?

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