#imacelebrity day 13

spoiler alert- for peron who gets kicked out tonight

venessa and Dennis's secret mission is still going strong trying to keep it as if they lost it so no one gets suspsicious. toff and amir chose Jamie to join their fright club, I don't think this is a good idea, he has a big mouth and so I think he might blab the secret out. venessa had to do this and tried in the least to make it inconspicurous don't think she did well though hahahah. becky and Jamie also had their trail tongith which was to go under a tunnel and also for this Jamie had to listen and becky had to talk a lot,i bet that was very hard for the both of them.those rats though would proabably throw me off. they did well which is great with eleven stars great stuff. he ended up looking like he had been in wolf creek.those three then had to do another challenge this time locked in boxes trying to get keys through and it looked like the hobbit hole hahahaha. Jamie pulled a board around and so now dennis is also safe from elimination which I'm happy about. as always toff is a rey of sunshine and with amir and Jamie going back after all the secret mission also with venessa and dennis. but this does sadly mean that fightclub is no more, I stare out my window into the darkness. strawberry and cream and booze were brought back, that's a bit of a slap in the face really.

shappie was voted off over kez, I wish becky had gone though