How the first prosthetic arm based on a videogame has transformed a gamer's life

By Rachel Swatman

Published 01 December 2017


A videogamer says his life has been changed now he has started wearing the First prosthetic limb based on a videogame.

Daniel Melville (UK) owns and wears a copy of the arm worn by Adam Jensen in Deus Ex, Square Enix's cyberpunk RPGs videogame series set in a futuristic era of transhumanist body upgrades.

Conceived in April 2015 and completed on 1 June 2016, the "Jensen arm" has been created by the UK company Open Bionics and is a 3D-printed limb which took one month to go from rendering to being made wearable.

Having worn the arm to several major gaming events, Daniel said: "I've shown people it's not a cosplay piece but something functional that I use in my real life. It's been life-changing."


"When the Deus Ex team first started designing Human Revolution in 2007, they didn't think bionic prosthetics would look or function that way until 2026 – but they've got one earlier!" said Samantha.

"The control system in the arms, and the way they operate, is the standard control system that you'll find in other bionics. However, the unique thing about our arms is that they're stylized – they come from the world of sci-fi, whether that's Deus Ex, Star Wars or Marvel. They're completely 3D-printed and we can make them very small for children. After Dan's arm, we built a smaller Jensen arm for a 10-year-old girl in the UK called Tilly," - Open Bionics co-founder, Samantha Payne.