Math Tricks

I hope everyone had a great week! This week's post is about a few math tricks, or rather mathematical shortcuts.

In particular, if you really enjoy your apps, as well as mental arithmetic, download Math Tricks from your app store. This app puts your mental arithmetic skills to the test, providing a number of different ways to do so. In single game mode you have 4 options of gameplay:

  • To the bitter end; just how long can you keep up with an endless stream of increasingly challenging calculations, such as evaluating 115x115, before the 20 seconds time limit runs out? 

  • Minute challenge; calculate as efficiently as you can to get a high score under one minute!

  • Speed Challenge; get 20 calculations done as quickly possible.

  • No time limit; no pressure for time here, just compute as much and as long as you please!

I absolutely enjoy playing this game. I use it occasionally as a break from the somewhat complicated math I do on a daily basis at uni. But anyone may play it, and learn to develop their speed at their own pace using the training mode on the app. Plus, there's a multiplayer mode, so you and a friend can even compete to see who's the better human computer!

With regards to early education in mathematics, this can be a useful tool for children to improve their mental arithmetic as well.

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