New Mental Health Project Idea

Heya Everyone,

I just wanted to put forward a proposal to start a project raising awareness of mental health awareness and self-positivity. The project hopes to get as many people on campus to write something positive, it can be on paper, whiteboard, chalkboard and it has the words #IAM and then one word or phrase that is positive about yourself. For example, you could post a selfie of you holding the paper with the words ‘#IAM Fearless’. And post it to your channel or the channel I am hoping to create if I get enough interest.

If this is something that would interest you to be a part of please let me know. I want this to be a stepping stone to a larger future project to raise awareness of mental health issues and support those who struggle with self positivity and acceptance. This would be open to campus staff as well as users and anyone off campus (although originally campus based) and would be amazing if I could get this going to help spread the message. I would love to be able to launch a second part to the project in the new year with the support from you all.

Social media is a massive part of our lives and it would be great to make it something positive for our generation.

Thank you.

Sian xx