🎄Blogmas Day 3: Slightly closer to being sorted with gifts & about last night🎄


It's weird doing anything in December. Even though it's still really early into the month, Christmas is everywhere. Discounted items are on the shelves and people are in various stages of preparedness (with some people having bought everything months in advance, and others not even thinking about what to buy for this festive season).

In my case, thankfully, my sister is incredibly organised and actually likes shopping for presents- so that means we're more or less sorted for various family members' presents this year.

The only people I'm not sorted for are my Secret Santa (we have a limit of £20, but I haven't found anything for her yet) and my sister.

I've only bought one present for my sister so far, some silver glitter, but I need just a few more things. It's difficult because she never says how much she's got me so I never know how much I need to get, and I always feel bad for not being as good as she is at buying good presents....

So, what are you guys like for buying presents? Are you organised or far from it?

As promised in yesterdays blog post, here's some pictures of last night. I, along with my sister and a few people from the office at work, went for dinner and a show (Cirque de Lumiere). The atmosphere was great and the place was full, plus there was a 'mini fair' and casino which was interesting to look at whilst we ate (though the waltzer made me feel a bit ill). The only problem was that we waited a while for our meal/drinks.

The night out was actually better than I expected. It was a little awkward to start off but everyone was lovely and friendly to us (even if we were the youngest). It felt like we were dancing with family members on the dancefloor though, but what was more embarrassing was that they all danced better than me (you'd think the amount of nights out I've been on in my second year at uni I'd have learn by now!)