#imacelebrity day 15

its at this point that after tonight theres only one week left and I feel as though one celeb will be kicked out every night. the campers seem happy at this time, becky , amir and Jamie I still don't like much, Stanley toff and dennis are brillian,  jennie, kez and vanessa I'm not sure about and Iain I'm still feeling sorry for. dennis and toff are doing brilliant as pm's with the first challenging being something to do with karaoke which I am very intrigued about. I mean who doesent love a bit of karaoke am I right. they had to guess the song and artist whilst having critters in their mouths, which sound cruel id do it without them though, the game looked fun and I was dancing along to a bit of bonjovi. vennessa and jennie did well and I'm happy for them it wasent an easy job. like a virgin will also be in my head for the rest of the night now. Stanley, Jamie, dennis, amir and venessa had to do the next challenge together, sitting down on a beachtowel, looking for flags to go up and getting filled with lovely lovely bugs , they did well until Stanley ruined it for the rest of them being stubon hahah. they won an ostritch egg, which looked blooming lovely all cooked, now I do wish I was there. Iain, toff, jennie, rebekha kez  were up for the next challenge and doing dingo bingo  which was hillerious again theres a catch which was the insects dropping from the celling. clentch and kill sounded like some good advice to live by. unfrotunatly it was kez who had to depart on this really fun night, she dident deserve it