DAY 44

the lecture in the morning was just about what assignment two will be in the new year, which involves four minutes and is for a fictional short film, so even more excited for this, the workshop sessions are back on and so we did lighting, specifically three point lighting, but one downside was that it was boiling hot in there. had fun in groups putting the lights up and I was the model, for obvious reasons hahah. three point lighting by the way is when you have a backlight, one on the side of the face and another on the other side that all act in different ways to create contrast. lastly in the seminars we were back in our groups again doing a little exercise of rewriting some script promps in different genres so that was good, after we come back I know we might need to choose new groups but I hope I don't have to, I like the people in my group to much and don't want to leave them, we also work really well together