3 faux-pas all new students make in London


Moving to London at the ripe age of 18 can be difficult, especially when everything you do seems to be wrong. However, do not panic! The good news is there are a few mistakes made by all new students in London, and they aren't anything to fret over. It's time to debunk the myth that people come to London completely prepared to fall straight into city life. Rest assured these faux-pas you believe you're making, aren't really faux-pas at all!

Getting on the wrong tube

This is probably the easiest mistake to make and one that will be made many times during your stay in London. No matter how well you think you know the tube map or the journey you're embarking on, in the heat of the moment, blinded by the busy stations, it's not uncommon to jump onto the wrong train. But one of the best things about the tube is how easy it is to correct your mishaps - just get off at the next station and head back to your starting point.

Getting lost in central London

And inevitably getting incredibly lost! Just like any city, it's going to take a while to understand the roads, however, for some reason getting lost in London feels much more daunting. When any student first arrives in London the best thing they can do for themselves is download Citymapper. This app will be your nearest and dearest for the foreseeable future and will aid you in times of trouble. Just simply pop in the location you need to go to, and it'll suggest not only the best route but also show you any alternative routes (and how much they cost!), so you won't be short of options. Remember that getting lost in the city is also a great opportunity to explore, so try to stay level-headed!

Paying far too much for a drink

We all know London is unavoidably expensive, but when you're handing over £10 to a swanky bartender for one drink, you know you've made a mistake. The worst part is that for the rest of the night this drink will serve as a physical reminder that you are new to the city and give away your 'newbie' status instantly. You may even believe you see people judging your purchase because they know better than to be so foolish. Well, take comfort in the fact every single person in that bar/ pub/ club paid what you just did when they first got to the city (maybe even more!). Think of this as a learning curve and over time you'll become a pro at sussing out the prices of drinks before even entering the establishment.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of questionable mistakes and decisions that any new student is going to make during their first few months in London, so the sooner you except that mishaps are going to happen and are just part of the initiation, the better!

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