#imacelebrity day 16

spoiler ahead for tonights elimination

only one celeb had to take part in the first challenge tonight, which was about snakes, toff was put forword as amir says that shes strong, which is true shes tougher than he is and that's for sure. this was nine minutes in a box, with snakes popping in and a nice use of the Halloween music. Georgia did blooming brilliant there so proud of her. Stanley is being a character aain learning from the other campmates he has learned a lot by now it was fun with the vt showing him and all them talking about him which was nice to see that at this stage they are getting on more. amir and jennie were next up in the libuary whilst the other celebs did something with a computer to get more point through this looked very confussing but they were messages from their loved ones which was great, apart from Jamie who lost in somehow, Iain will get blamed for this I'm sure of it, poor fella. reading out those notes started off the water works in this house, they were so beautiful and touching. becky finnaly was eliminated tonight, sounds harsh but I did want her to go