Fortnite Battle Royale update coming soon

The free version of Fortnite with the Battle Royale game mode which has blown up on PC, Xbox and PlayStation will be updated shortly and here's what will change:

First of all, Epic are looking to make Fortnite Battle Royale a bit more sociable, with the current options a little basic.

More Items and Weapons: Epic will be releasing some new weapons and possibly potions  to the table.. This is a really good feature for the new update as there is a lack of variety when it comes to weapon selection, mainly guns .. I think it would be cool if there were turrets added.

Custom games: Epic will now allow players to edit the game rules in custom games mode which is huge for Fortnite and in my opinion is one of the best features of the update because this means that players can customise the game mode to the way they like, instead of being limited to one version of the game mode.

Badges/Medals: Epic will be releasing medals which can be given out during games that highlight amazing plays such as a mid-air kills with the rocket launchers.

Limited Time Modes: Epic will also be releasing Time limit modes to the game. This means that the game will end after a certain time even if all players haven't been defeated.