How to do a stress-free NYE in Newcastle


Large city centres are to be avoided on New Year's Eve. Taxi prices surge (if you can even get one), you’ll probably be standing in a queue freezing your t*ts of as it turns 2018, and you’ll only manage to get one drink all night because of a five-man-deep bar queue.

If you would rather avoid the stress completely, there are lots of NYE things to do without heading to Bigg Market.

Have a house party

Yeah, house parties involve a lot of cleaning and hiding away anything worth over £10. But it also saves the ridiculous amounts of money you spend on getting into and having a good time in town; it means all the people you actually want to spend new years with are in one place, and it means you can get more drunk because making it home isn’t an issue.

Do a pub crawl

This is more likely to work in locations outside of the city centre - try Osborne Avenue or even Tynemouth; a pub crawl is a great way to spend New Year. Guaranteed drunkenness due to smaller bar queues and a pint-a-pub rule, with a small crowd of your funniest mates can be way more fun than dancing the night away in a club.

Swap NYE for NYD

Spend the 31st on your couch, watching feel-good films and having a few drinks, and then make New Year’s Day the real celebration. You can day drink ALL DAY and finish it with a Jesmond Tandoori Takeaway, avoid expenses and crowds but still start 2018 the right way.

Class it up

Host your friends at a ‘The Holiday’-esque dinner party. Make them dress up fancy, eat a little, drink a lot, and just have a genuinely really good time. Start with the chicest of intentions and end up in joggers because you drunkenly spilt beer all down your favourite dress.

If you do want to risk it and travel to Newcastle City Centre, then some steps need to be followed to reduce your stress.

Book tickets for events

These will have a limited capacity, reducing queues. Illegitimate, Tiger Tiger and Digital all have publicised events.

Book taxis to and from the event in advance, especially if you will need a few or a big seater.

Yes, picking a time to go home can be hard and depressing, but make sure you factor in the time the event finishes/when you normally call it a night/when you'll have eaten your after-club McDonald's. Plan to all stay at one person’s house, as it minimises the cost of multiple drop-offs.

Pre-drink harder than you have ever pre-drank before

Queues won’t feel so cold, and waiting for an hour to get a drink at the bar won’t be quite as necessary.

Make decisions now

People will end up making plans with other friends if you don’t sort your group out now, and you could end up frantically trying to find a group to tag along with or thinking of something to do at 9 pm on NYE.

Whatever you plan to do, and as long as there’s alcohol there, 2018 will have a brilliant start.

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