It's YOUR morning!

The morning time, specifically the segmented bit of time shortly after you wake up, is an incredibly important indicator of how the rest of the day will turn out.

Sure, your sleep from the night before is at least just as important, if not more so. But, we'll get to that in the next post. Right now, we need to talk about how we treat our mornings. As with most other things to do with productivity, the solution to optimizing your morning is simpler than we might think.

Just adding a few mins of light exercise or having some water as soon as you wake up can be a huge boost to how good you feel for the rest of the day.

Perhaps the most important idea to apply to your morning hours is that they are _yours. Y_our morning belongs to you. Even if you have kids waking you up, how you approach your morning is all about you. Keeping your own productivity and health in mind will make your first few hours of the day much more optimal. From improving your grades to improving your relationships, the morning time sets the tone for pretty much everything else.

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