Just a little boost....

Morning everyone, I just wanted to put out a little post to say thank you for all the followers on the page and especially to @Tara S​ for her amazing #IAM post and to @Anushka P​ for sharing the project.

Please please please get involved and post a selfie, even if it's via snapchat like Taras or with paper like mine and Chris. It literally took us 5 minutes and you could be part of something much bigger.

This isn't just about loving yourself and learning to find good in yourself but also about reflection, and being true to who you are. For many of us we find it difficult to find a good thing to say, we only choose to listen and see negatives in ourselves and it's hugely important that we fight through those because we all have something unique and special.

When we have enough #IAM images, there will be a second part where you can put someone else forward (#YouAre) and this launches after the new year. So please please please take the time to jump on facebook, snapchat or scribble on a piece of paper and get involved.

Thank you

Sian xx