Who'll be joining us in the Books πŸ“š Channel for the Q&A tomorrow?!

Author of A Tangled Mercy, Joy Jordan-Lake will be joining us to chat about her experiences as an author and writing about life, racial issues, historical events and more!

To join the Q&A:

  1. Join the Books Channel: https://www.campussociety.com/channel/17
  2. On Wednesday at 7pm, check back in the Books πŸ“š Channel. Here you'll see a post pinned to the top of the wall with the livestream embedded. Just click play on the video to watch along with everyone.
  3. If you do have a question for Joy, just ask it in the chat on the left hand side. This works best on desktop. You can also view the Q&A on your phone or tablet.

Find out more here!

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