How to do a stress-free New Year’s Eve in Manchester


New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest nights of the year, and it's always the same. Someone will host pre-drinks and invite every person they have ever bumped into; you’ll say you want to leave at 10:30 but no one is ready, and someone goes too hard and literally has to go home before you even get in the taxi. It can be a stressful night, but I have some tips that will help you keep the stress to a minimum.

Know where you want to go

This is the most important part of planning you can do! Manchester venues offer a huge array of New Year’s Eve nights out which all involve buying tickets in advance - usually, they are offered in ‘tiers’ starting at a lower price and decreasing slightly after each sellout. We all know New Year’s Eve can be one of the more expensive nights, but if you can save money at the first stage, why wouldn’t you?

Another thing to note is the offers that come with the tickets – some venues may offer you a couple of free shots or drinks upon arrival which of course is great news to a student, but be sure to check the cut-off time. Us students like to drink for as long as we can in the comfort of our own home with the cheapest spirits, wine or beer we can find and usually don’t leave until around 11/11:30; New Year’s Eve will be an incredibly busy night, and venues know this, so their offers may expire at a 10:30 entry time, so read the small print!

Know who is hosting pre-drinks

Again, this is all about timing. Most people tell you to arrive around 9 pm, but of course, you'll turn up an hour later. Make sure everyone you're planning to go out with knows what time you're meeting at pre-drinks and exactly what time you have to leave. There will always be one person who is keeping their eye on the time while the others are happy dancing around like they have all the time in the world!

Pre-book a taxi in advance so once they show up, you have to leave. There is no point in ringing the taxi at 10:30 to find out they're busy for another hour. You'll, therefore, miss your entry, free drinks and have to queue for ages in the freezing cold before you even get to step foot into the nightclub.

Make sure you take out the right amount of money

We all know New Year’s Eve is expensive and you’re hopefully going to be enjoying your night out for at least 5 hours, so plan in advance how much money to take – there is nothing worse than having a taxi stop at an ATM because someone has forgotten to get money out early, or having to call your night short because you’ve run out of money before midnight.

The most important thing, of course, is to just enjoy your night – even if all your plans fall through and are not fully regimented – the main thing is to see in the new year with the people closest to you, and to kiss someone at midnight hopefully!

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