I have been quietly working behind the scenes... wait. There are no scenes yet. Scratch that thought...
I've spoken to some very important people and it appears that the government has its head well and truly stuck up its own arse so deep that it about to discover what it ate for breakfast.
The official view of British government is that peak oil had been debated repeatedly until there was no alternative but for the government to bury its head not in the sand but up its own anal sphincter. I guess there's a shit view of the future vs a shit view all the time.
Mmm... I have now come to the conclusion that ignoring the energy crisis is a bum idea. With absolutely no investment forthcoming for "New Energy" towards Biotropic Engineering Design we face a crappy future of economic destitution with a conspicuously Islamic wealth divide that will ultimately drain money from west to east. No amount of hot air can dry that blubbering mess from a Prime Minister's mouth or cabinet.
The government is allowing fracking on the basis that "it will meet the energy shortfall of the UK supplies which have decreased 32% in the last decade for the next decade..."

Sir, that is shit talk. When fracking ruins the artesian water supplies from UK to Lithuania we will not only freeze but die of thirst. Shit. Talk. Minister of the environment needs a jackhammer to remove his head from the PM's butt.