#imacelebrity day 17

eviction spoiler.

temple of gloom was the first trail which was the one Iain sadly couldent do the last time, dennis put himself forword and definatly had a better technique in doing it you could even say he was just small enough for it ha. Iain did the sad puppy face when he returned, I still feel for him, Jamie saying he would take Stanley for a nice pup lunch when they return sounds good I want to join them. yummy fish and chips was on the menu and dennis looked like a kid at Christmas loved it. the vt of them washing and excersicising  gave a nice perspective of how life there was like followed by the girls all having a heart to heart  toffs story brought tears to me, she dosent deserve heartbreak. rank taxi was the next challenge this time around with toff, dennis, Jamie and venessa. nothing will come between me and my  booze, toff gives me life I'm tellin you. for this challenge they were in a cab and had to get  to their destination and count the fair up. whilst loads of snakes went around them all. chips and ketchup also sounds rather good at this time. jenny, Stanley amir and Iian had to do the exact same thing but this time for pizza slices yum. the karaoke after was the highlight of this whole experience for me It was blooming awesome. venessa was sent home tonight which I was expecting in a way but its still a shame she has gone