🎄Blogmas Day 5 (and 6): Naughty and Nice 🎄


Hello guys!

So, you may notice I've been absent yesterday (hence why this is a double post, combining yesterday and today!) and now I will explain, in what makes up the 'Naughty' portion of the 'Naughty and Nice' blog!.

THERE'S NO DAY 5 POST all you guys probably said as you sat with your laptop/phone/tablet on your favourite blog (I'm kidding, I'll take 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 100th favourite any day!). Well, here's where I explain. I'll admit, this was probably down to laziness.

In part, of course.

I've felt unwell since Friday, which started with being unable to get warm despite the fire being on and me being in the comfiest, fluffiest jacket/coat/dressing gown thing (courtesy of my sister, the best gift giver known to man). Anyway, fast forward to Sunday and I've come out in loads of spots all over my face, feet and hands!

My little nephew George, who I spent part of Monday before I go to uni and all of Tuesday with, had given me hand, foot and mouth! I'd never heard of this before but now I really wished I'd caught it as a child, as Google wasn't very reassuring about adult cases! Basically it's just a sort of virus which gives you spots on your hands, feet and- you get it.

Anyway so I've spent the last few days in bed, trying to make myself better whilst also feeling like I might be one of the forgotten X-Men members! This has meant not only have I neglected an essay which is due in 9 DAYS but I've also neglected this daily Blogmas series, which I'm incredibly sorry for.

It's also down to me feeling pretty shitty in myself, as I had a great week planned: Kasabian on Tuesday, night out with my friends on Thursday, seeing my Auntie and her boyfriend who've come back from Spain! (The universe has a wicked way of giving you illness when you really could do without it).

Anyway, enough feeling sorry for myself (sorry you had to read that!).

Onto the 'Nice' part!

As many of you will know, The Nice List 2017 is upon us! I owe a lot to the Nice List, actually.

Funny story but I had forgotten I'd signed up to Campus Society until an email popped up in my inbox saying someone had nominated me for the Nice List 2016! So that little email about a competition I only understand a year later led me here, doing something I didn't think I'd ever do: blogging for lots of people to read (as well as these people actually liking what I post and commenting and encouraging me along the way) and writing for Tyro Magazine.

Christmas and the last month of the year always has me contemplating the year I've had and, aside from other things, my life and my year has been affected by this platform. I've been able to do something I love (writing) and get the validation for it I never thought I would, plus it's been an incredible confidence boost and has encouraged me (despite how difficult I know it will be) to pursue a career in journalism.

Of course, I wouldn't be where I was- both on this platform and in my life- without people. Without this turning into Oscars-prize-winners-speech, I do owe a lot to my family. I always worried with my siblings both pursuing scientific subjects, and more than likely getting careers out of them (I can only speak for my brother on this one, as my sister hasn't graduated or anything yet!), that I wouldn't get the respect and praise they get. I see how proud my parents are of them both and I worried if they would ever be as proud of me, given how unknown my prospects were (and still are).

My parents read my stories and poems when I was growing up and always did the parent thing of 'This is so good/lovely/great/brilliant' but I never really knew if they meant it- I mean you can't break someone's heart so early, can you?

When I joined Campus Society, I started sharing Tyro articles and blog posts with my parents and it's been lovely seeing how proud they are of me and how they don't put me down for choosing to pursue something which may not be as rewarding as other careers. They always had the stand-point, with all of us, to do what makes us happy.

Anyway, before you abandon this post or go and get the Kleenex, I wanted to thank all of YOU.

A few people have been asking if they can nominate me for The Nice List and, honestly, I'm flattered. I just thought I was somebody who uses this site as a way of procrastinating my way through my degree, but- having read your comments and reasons- I didn't realise how valuable I was! So, thank you to those of you have been nominating me- I'm sorry if I haven't yet nominated you back, I know people can be picky over giving emails away!

Also thank you to everyone of you who've stayed with this blog, in whatever form/direction it goes. Sometimes I think about leaving this blog altogether, but- when I see what you guys think, and that you guys actually are interested in what is going on- I reconsider. Even though I don't know many of you personally, I'm glad that I've been able to form bonds and friendships that I thought were only possible face-to-face and offline and I think Campus Society is something which will stick with me for a long time.

(Would you like any more cheese with this post, there Jen?)