How to stick to the cliché New Year's resolutions we set every year


New Year’s resolutions, the goals we set ourselves for the upcoming year. Some of us stick to them, but for most of us, this determination lingers for 24 hours at most. There is a way to check them off the list, however, and I am going to tell you how.

Losing weight

Guilty of this myself, I set this resolution every single year and most years is flies out of the window as soon as I crave a McDonalds. There are two suggestions I am going to give you for sticking to this resolution:

1. If you have the willpower to go it alone, start with getting more fruit and vegetables into the fridge and adding them to the meals you like to eat all the time – this is a great way of starting to introduce a healthier diet. There are also a couple of really good recipe books out there which will increase your desire to cook from scratch and most tend to do this on a budget – which is a win-win for us students.

2. If, like me, you would struggle to stick to a diet going it alone, join a Weight Watchers or Slimming World group – I joined Slimming World back in October and have lost 12lb so far. Going to a group is a great way to stay motivated as everyone is there for the same reason and it forces you to face the scales every week positively. It's a positive way of looking at weight loss, as the diets set by these groups are not classed as 'diets' but instead are ‘lifestyle changes’, which means just choosing better foods. You can also eat takeaways or cook your own ‘fakeaways’ as long as you incorporate it all into your week’s weigh-in. Manchester has a lot of groups like this to offer, and it is just a case of googling to find the closest ones to you.

Exercising more

Who doesn’t set one of their resolutions as ‘I will exercise more this year’, and by the 2nd of January we've put our running shoes back in the wardrobe for another year?

A good way of starting to implement exercise into your life is to start with exercise DVDs or 5-minute YouTube workout videos, which are guaranteed to make you feel like you’ve done something but are not doing too much too quickly.

If the gym is where you want to be, then both Manchester universities have gyms on site. Manchester Metropolitan have the MET card, so if you're lucky enough to get one they'll give you £1,000 a year which you can spend on a gym membership, supplies, laptops etc., so you’re not taking any money from your own pocket. Granted this makes you feel less guilty when you don’t go, and that’s the best kind of membership.

The biggest tip I can give you for this is to start off by going one day a week. Choose a realistic day that you will go to the gym, a day where you don’t have uni and a day that you won’t be too hungover to get out of bed. When you have been once a week, you will be more likely to build it up from there.

Being more organised

This is always a big one for a student – every year we promise we will keep on top of things and be more organised, and what is the step we all take to achieve this? Buy a diary. Does it work? No, it does not.

Buying a diary is all fine and well if once your deadlines and to-do lists are written inside you actually open it up again. Most of us, myself included, do not do this. Therefore, it just becomes a bit of a waste of money – and you’re still as unorganised as ever.

What you need is something you cannot miss, something that will stare you in the face every morning when you wake up. Last year, I bought myself a chalkboard from Primark that had Monday - Sunday written out on it with a small space to write what I needed to do under each day. This sort of thing can either be hung up (if your student house allows it) or propped up on your desk; either way, you will see it as soon as you wake up and every time you’re sat in your room – a constant reminder of what you need to get done.

New Year’s Resolutions are a fun way of seeing in the New Year when you’re in that ‘new year, new me’ phase – but if you actually want to make a couple of changes, it’s all about taking smaller steps towards your goals rather than jumping in at the deep end.

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